Mailing Services in Denver

From our fully automated inkjet addressing capabilities to our fast and accurate hand-work line, SHALOM Denver can handle all of your business mailing needs. Our exceptional attention to detail and fast turnaround ensure that your projects are completed accurately and on time. Our software will verify your address list and make certain that you pay the lowest possible postage rates. Some of our mailing services include:

• Inkjet Addressing • Inserting
• Barcoding • Metering
• Data Processing • Tabbing
• Laser Letter • Labeling
• Folding • CASS and PAVE certified software

If you would like to learn more about our mailing services, please call 303.623.0251 or send us an email. You can also GET A QUOTE NOW!

Customer Certified
“SHALOM Denver has been our saving grace in mailing all kinds of things to our clients. We once tried someone else and what a disaster. We are never leaving! SHALOM saves us not only time, but also money. They do the work far more quickly and much less expensively than we can do it in-house. We highly recommend them!”

—Kay Sinclair, administrative assistant, Sharkey, Howes & Javer, Inc.